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About Me

I'm a designer-engineer pursuing a master's degree at Stanford University.


More About Me

My name is Abdallah (In Arabic: عبدالله). I grew up in Gaza, Palestine. Growing up, I was always curious. As I grew up, my curiosity never died, and it eventually led me to studying human-computer interaction.

I'm a fan of the work that allows me to dig deep in a problem before starting to solve it. As much as I am a problem solver, I am a problem definer first.

My work focuses on UX design. I like working with products from the start, and see how a problem makes its way to become a solution. I'm interested in the user needfinding and early prototyping phases of a product.

Finally, while at Stanford, I built an interest in education technology. I'm particularly interested in using technology for better social learning.

What I Work On

UI/UX Design

In my opinion, the most crucial part of the process of building any product is the human-centered design. I often combine this with my knowledge in using UI tools such as Sketch.

Mobile Development

I learnt mobile development in order to execute different projects that I have worked on. Most of my background is in React Native building for both iOS and Android. I also have a brief Android and Swift background.

Web Development

Throughout the last couple of years I have worked on web development using various frameworks such as AngularJS and ReactJS in addition to vanilla HTML, JS and CSS.


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